2nd, 3rd and 4th Phallus Stones

You know you have a great fondness of cock rings, not just cuz they make your prick full and thick but instead you love them as decoration (or is it Dickoration). You actually love them so much that you start making your own.

I worked on few more rings and I’m perfecting the technique. They are a little thick. The wife likes them in use but did complain they are a bit big and got in the way of her clit piercing while she was riding on top.

They also need a little more of a rounded edge on the inside. Edges weren’t sharp but still could feel the edge.

I worked on them a bit more after i had the final shape.

They are approx 0.40″ thick
Bandwidth is approx 0.60″
The Green/Blue is a donut-ish shape with a tapered comfort edge